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Murica (Official Video)



Posted by TheGhost on Mon Mar 15, 2021 12:54 am
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Song To Say Goodbye (Official Video)



Posted by TheGhost on Sat Mar 13, 2021 2:19 am
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Hey Man, Nice Shot (Official Music Video)



Posted by TheGhost on Sat Mar 13, 2021 2:10 am
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Microsoft fucks us all once again!

Let me start off by saying this seems to be a random problem that started happening to people as far back as 2017

I am running Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.19042 Build 19042

I have been trying to fix a problem that happened after I updated windows. It has consumed me for weeks now and I just can't explain enough how pissed off I am about Microsoft not fixing or taking responsibilities for their fuck ups.

I am facing this strange issue that started since I updated to the latest build ( creators update) as I am now unable to run any exe files from my USB removable storage... I can save, copy, paste, rename, and open all kinds of files from the 10TB USB drive, I just can't execute an exe file. This error that appears is: "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item."

If I move the exe to the local disk, then I can run it with no issues...

If I take a working exe file from the C drive, and paste it to the external 10TB USB drive, then it won't run from there!!

This is driving me out of my fucking mind! I tried all the registry and group policy settings related to removable storage... and also checked NTFS permissions (I gave everyone full permissions) still could not solve this...

It is even happening on a brand new USB flash formatted with the FAT32 file system, meaning there are no NTFS permissions on the drive. yet a permission error message is coming!!

If I plug the same drive which I can't run files from, into another computer running Windows 7, then I can run the exe files there... the problem is definitely in my Windows 10 Pro OS and not in the storage. This is a problem that Microsoft refuses to acknowledge.

Sooner or later it will happen to you if you run out of space and try to use an external USB hard drive. Makes you feel like your hard-earned money does not mean shit to the fuck head programmers at Microsoft.


I would like to punch Bill Fuckface Gates right in his Scrotum!  

I solved this problem by wasting my time doing a clean install and spending days re-installing all my applications and forever looking up each and every one of my registration numbers and logging into every provider I have bought software from which is a fuckn' lot lot lot! I absolutely hate Microsoft for being such jack-legged pieces of SHIT!


Posted by TheGhost on Wed Mar 10, 2021 8:34 pm
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IT Services and Technology Solutions in Brandon, Florida

Brandon Maintenance Management offers managed IT services and technology support that hit the sweet spot for any small business and its technology requirements. For a flat-rate, predictable monthly fee calculated to fit your budget, we'll take care of absolutely everything related to technology.

Let’s be real for a moment. You have too much on your plate to be fiddling around with constant updates, upgrades, backups, antivirus software, firewalls, and license renewals.

Today really is the best day to get IT off of your desk and to get on with making your business more profitable.

Give us a call at 813-846-2865 to find out how.

Flexible Options for a Customized Service Plan Customized Service Plans: 

We’ll talk about what technology services will best meet your needs and provide them for a flat-rate monthly fee.

Vendor Management: We’ll consolidate the technology you need to access so we take care of it all – including dealing with all your vendors.

Managed & Hosted Services: We take care of any maintenance costs, and we help lower existing expenses like your power and phone bills.

Best Practices: We can ensure speed, accuracy, and reliability through the use of time-tested protocols and software solutions that work well together.

Proactive Solutions to Keep Your Technology at its Best

When you partner with us, we focus on stopping IT problems from dragging down your productivity. Your managed services should SAVE your time, not WASTE it. That means keeping your technology at its best so it can’t disrupt your business.

We do this through:

Regular Maintenance

Preemptively Applied Fixes

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Remote Support Tools


Posted by TheWolf on Tue Mar 02, 2021 5:21 am
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Keep This In Mind When Looking For IT Services In Brandon Florida

There’s no denying it – technology drives business innovation and growth. Professionals in all industries need hardware and software to help them best serve their customers and optimize their daily operations.

That’s why we provide a comprehensive list of IT Services that organizations in and around Buffalo can rely on to succeed through technology.

Managed IT Services In Florida

Our clients say that they have experienced immediate, positive results after they signed up for our Managed Services. They had fewer IT failures, increased productivity, and improved security. Plus they’re saving money on maintenance and support. For an affordable fixed payment each month you can:

Keep your technology and business functioning with our 24/7 Remote Monitoring& Maintenance. Ensure your wired and wireless networks are protected from security threats. Lower your overall technology expenses. Benefit from an Individualized TechnologyPlan customized to meet your needs, and much more.

VCIO Services (Strategic IT Consulting) For Business Professionals In Brandon, Florida

Many businesses need a Chief Information Officer to guide them, but they can’t afford to hire one. That’s why we offer affordable

Virtual CIO Services. Our VCIO will:

A) Align cloud computing with your overall business strategy.

B) Utilize best practices, tools, and roadmaps to provide a detailed plan for migration to the Cloud.

C) Provide regular quantitative assessments to ensure you derive the return on investment you expect.

Microsoft Office 365 Migrations, Support, and Consulting

Many businesses in Florida are switching to Office 365. Why? – Because it’s an affordable, subscription-based service, and the most complete cloud solution to date.

It’s easy to sign up for a Microsoft Office 356, but migrating your data can be complicated and fraught with pitfalls. There are many things to consider. Our team will ensure the process is efficient, seamless, and transparent by:

Overseeing every aspect of your Office 365 migration. Training your staff to use it Providing day-to-day support and advice.

Backups & Business Continuity – Protecting Businesses In Brandon, Florida From Data & Productivity Losses

Business leaders in Florida recognize the importance of having proper safeguards in place to protect their vital data and to keep their companies running. You should too. This is why you need a proper Business Continuity Plan. Our team provides:

Regular onsite backups for all your servers and critical business systems. Continual remote offsite backups to a secure cloud facility. Cloud virtualization services allow for quick recovery when a serious failure or outage occurs.

Your business can stay up and running even when you and your employees can’t make it into the office. They can work from home or anywhere they have an internet connection. And they can access files, remain productive, and stay connected to their clients, vendors, and each other.


Posted by TheWolf on Tue Mar 02, 2021 4:33 am
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The Federal Government

has authorized your internet service provider to spy on you. The right was enshrined by a 2017 act of Congress that canceled anti-spying regulations enacted by the Obama-era Federal Communications Commission. Today, your ISP can log into every place you go online and use that data any way it wants, such as building user profiles for its own or other companies’ advertising platforms.

But ISPs’ most powerful spying tool is now easy to block, by encrypting what’s called a DNS request—a bit of data that announces the websites you visit. Mozilla’s Firefox browser already offers DNS encryption as an option, and it’s about to turn it on by default in the coming days or weeks. This protects you not only from a snooping ISP but also from a hacker who wants to watch your surfing or even redirect you to bogus sites containing malware.

Google also plans to make DNS encryption possible in its Chrome web browser and Android operating system, although in a much slower fashion that involves coordinating with the internet service providers. Nevertheless, ISPs recently sent a letter to six House and Senate Committees asking them to stop Google from moving forward. News site Motherboard also unearthed a misleading slide deck that Comcast lobbyists are using to sway politicians.

Today, Comcast published a post announcing that it does not track the websites customers visit or the apps they use. Comcast further says that it doesn’t build profiles and has never sold user information. These are all voluntary measures, however. There’s no law or regulation (at least at the national level) to prevent an ISP from doing any of this.

THE SKINNY ON DNS While the politics play out, you can take simple steps right now to secure your surfing. Here’s a quick explanation of how DNS works, and how to encrypt it.

Typing “Google.com” into your browser means nothing to the internet, which needs a numerical IP address like in order to find Google’s web servers, which host its site. To resolve the problem, your browser first visits a domain name system (DNS) server, which maintains a lookup table of web domains and their corresponding IP addresses. By default, your computer (or phone or tablet) uses the DNS server provided by your ISP, giving the company a handy list of all the sites you visit.

The privacy solution is called DNS over HTTPS, which uses the same encryption that secures your connections to most websites. (You can spot those web addresses because they start with “HTTPS” and are designated by a lock icon.) Mozilla is the furthest along, introducing both the encryption technology and an encrypted DNS service provider, run by cloud computing company Cloudflare. The latter has agreed to purge any data it collects and not provide it to any other parties. Mozilla is close to signing on additional DNS providers under the same terms, says Marshall Erwin, senior director of trust and security at Mozilla.

SETTING IT UP The easiest fix is to use the Firefox browser, as the switchover to DNS over HTTPS is about to start. If you just can’t wait, or you want to use another browser, here’s what to do.

On the desktop

To enable DNS encryption in Firefox, click the “hamburger” (three horizontal lines) icon on the upper right of the program window. Click Preferences > General > Network Settings, scroll to the bottom of the popup window and check the box next to “Enable DNS over HTTPS.”

Just check a box to enable (or disable) DNS over HTTPS in Firefox. If you prefer another browser, you’ll need to change the DNS settings in your computer’s operating system. Cloudflare offers detailed instructions for Windows, Mac, and Linux. While the instructions are straightforward, bear in mind that making a mistake here could knock your whole system offline until you figure out what you did wrong.

On mobile devices

It doesn’t matter what browser you use on Android or iOS devices. Cloudflare provides a free app called that automatically shifts all of your internet-connected apps (not just browsers) to its encrypted DNS service. The app also provides a free virtual private network (VPN) that encrypts all your internet traffic, protecting you even more from snoops and hackers.

This article has been updated with comments from Comcast describing a policy of not tracking users via DNS. A previous version of the headline erroneously implied that Comcast was spying on users.

Posted by TheWolf on Tue Feb 23, 2021 9:25 am
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Winston Terrance Wolfe

Brief Introduction

Name: Winston Terrance Wolfe

E-mail: winston.thee.wolf[at]gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/winstonterrance.wolfe.3/

Twitter: WinTWolf

GitHub: https://github.com/TerranceWolfe

I am the president of The Scorpion Network and one of the admins here at The 86it Developers Network.

I live in Los Caracas, Vargas Venezuela and I have a summer home in Valrico, Florida.

I'm a dual citizen and spend most of my time in Venezuela.

If you need anything at all please shoot me a message here or send me an e-mail and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I am a military contractor and sometimes it may take a while before I get back to you but I will as soon as time permits.

Thanks, Winston Terrance Wolfe USMC  


Posted by TheWolf on Tue Feb 23, 2021 7:19 am
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In the works: OpenCL™ and OpenGL® mapping layers to DirectX

News from the DirectX Developers Blog over at Microsoft

Building on our previous work with the D3D12 Translation Layer library as well as the D3D11On12 and D3D9On12 mapping layers, we’re happy to share that we are working on two new projects: OpenCL and OpenGL mapping layers to D3D12.

We’re excited to partner with engineers at Collabora to build OpenCL and OpenGL mapping layers using the Mesa 3D open-source project. By leveraging our deep Windows and DirectX knowledge and Collabora’s extensive experience in the open-source graphics space, we will be adding a new D3D12 backend to Mesa to support OpenCL and OpenGL, with initial support targeting OpenCL 1.2 and OpenGL 3.3.

We have a few goals as a part of this new work:

Improve support for OpenCL- and OpenGL-based productivity and creative apps where native drivers are not available. We talk a lot about gaming on this blog, but this time the focus is on work, not play. By building the mapping layers on D3D12, we are building on the hard work we and our hardware partners have put into delivering stable and performant DirectX 12 drivers. When complete, the OpenCL and OpenGL mapping layers will provide hardware acceleration to more of your productivity and creative apps with just a DX12 driver, no other driver required. Contribute back to the graphics community. As we are building the mapping layers using an open-source project, we intend to participate in the open-source community. We will upstream the D3D12 backend to the main Mesa repository as we continue its development, and we hope that the Mesa and broader graphics development community will benefit from our contribution. In the meantime, you can check out the work in progress. Make it easier for developers to port their apps to D3D12. For developers looking to move from older OpenCL and OpenGL API versions to D3D12, the open-source mapping layers will provide helpful example code on how to use the D3D12 Translation Layer library.


OpenCL™ and OpenGL® Compatibility Pack

‪Microsoft Corporation‬

‪Utilities & tools‬

This compatibility pack allows more of your favorite OpenCL™ and OpenGL® apps to run on a Windows 10 PC that doesn't have OpenCL and OpenGL hardware drivers installed by default. If a DirectX 12 driver is installed, supported apps will run with hardware acceleration for better performance. This package supports apps that use OpenCL version 1.2 and earlier and OpenGL version 3.3 and earlier. Only certain apps can use this compatibility pack. Windows Insiders can get an Insiders version of this package that allows more apps to use it. For more info, visit https://aka.ms/clglcp-faq OpenCL and the OpenCL logo are trademarks of Apple Inc. used with permission by Khronos. Complete license details are available on the Apple website (https://developer.apple.com/softwarelicensing/opencl/). OpenGL® and the oval logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Hewlett Packard Enterprise in the United States and/or other countries worldwide. The product is based on a published Khronos Specification and has been submitted to, and is expected to pass, the Khronos Conformance Process. Current conformance status can be found at www.khronos.org/conformance.

See System Requirements

Get It Now

Sincerely, Angela Jiang

Posted by TheGhost on Thu Feb 18, 2021 8:14 pm
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A very old saying...

The old saying that "C lets you shoot yourself in the foot rather easily. C++ allows you to blow your whole leg off" is very much true. C makes hacks and unplanned changes to code much easier and takes a lot less "design" to get right. With C++ if you fail to "design" or plan for changes adequately, you very quickly find yourself coded into a corner and restricted. 

Posted by TheGhost on Sat Feb 13, 2021 1:14 pm
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Flash Support for Desktop, Chrome, FireFox and Edge

Hello to our Network friends and family! 

Let's talk about those assholes all over the world that was in support of doing away with Flash because some pussy got hacked by some black hat piece of shit. No this will not stand and sooner or later we will provide you with full access back to flash gaming and programming. Millions of programmers dedicated a good portion of their life to Flash programming and design. Flash is not dangerous at all unless a programmer makes a threat. A virus is written in Visual Studio but we did not do away with that. What it comes down to is some sniveling winey piece of shit got together with a bunch of other winey sniveling shits and plotted to get rid of one the most creative programming design platforms that was ever created.

Soon we will have workaround extensions and plugins for those of you who use to love playing flash games online and would still like to. We will create a place on the 86it network and try to re-expose all of those cool games again. None of those games were ever a threat and this idea is complete nonsense.

For now, if you would like to load flash files or .swf  files we have found a way for you to do so on your PC. The rest will come later...

The project is called ruffle!

Ruffle is still in active development and we release nightly development builds every day, as long as some code changed. Whilst we try to keep nightly builds in working order, no guarantees can be made.

Ruffle is a Flash Player emulator written in Rust. Ruffle runs natively on all modern operating systems as a standalone application, and on all modern browsers through the use of WebAssembly. Leveraging the safety of the modern browser sandbox and the memory safety guarantees of Rust, we can confidently avoid all the security pitfalls that Flash had a reputation for. Ruffle puts Flash back on the web, where it belongs - including iOS and Android!

Designed to be easy to use and install, users or website owners may install the web version of Ruffle, and existing flash content will "just work", with no extra configuration required. Ruffle will detect all existing Flash content on a website and automatically "polyfill" it into a Ruffle player, allowing seamless and transparent upgrading of websites that still rely on Flash content.

Ruffle is an entirely open-source project maintained by volunteers. We're all passionate about the preservation of internet history, and we were drawn to working on this project to help preserve the many websites and plethora of content that will no longer be accessible when users can no longer run the official Flash Player. If you would like to help support this project, we welcome all contributions of any kind - even if it's just playing some old games and seeing how well they run.


♥️ How to help the project

We are an entirely open source project and do this for the sake of preserving history, and we are not a large team at that. We absolutely welcome and request your help if you are willing to provide it. There are 4 main ways to help this project, and we will be extremely grateful for any help provided.


🖥️ Contributing code

There are two main codebases in two languages: The actual player in Rust, and the web interface & browser UI in JavaScript. If you have any experience in either area and would like to assist, please feel free to read our contribution guidelinessearch for some issues to tackle, and join our Discord to ask questions!


🕹️ Testing content

Arguably more important than contributing code is testing Ruffle out. Go install Ruffle and try out your favorite games and animations. Look for any difference from the official Flash Player, and report your findings to us. If you find any bugs, changes of behavior, performance issues, or any visual differences then please report those to our bug tracker. If it runs flawlessly, come share the good news on our Discord!


💲 Sponsor the project

If you are able and willing to, we welcome any financial support to help us fund the project going forward. With your help, we can afford to spend more time dedicated to Ruffle, and pay for expenses such as build servers and hosting. We accept donations and sponsorships through Open Source Collective 501(c)(6). For more information, or to view the options available for sponsoring the project, please visit our Open Collective page.


💬 Spread the word!

Is your favorite Flash-based site shutting down? Let them know they can add one JavaScript file and keep it running! Feeling nostalgic for some old Flash games? Go play some on Newgrounds with Ruffle installed, and tell your friends about it! Maybe you're a streamer and looking for some silly content? There's literally decades' worth, now unlocked and accessible once more.

Our Website https://ruffle.rs/#what-is-ruffle

Visit us on discord

Posted by TheGhost on Fri Jan 29, 2021 9:41 pm
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Life Of Crime

Kingpin v1.21 Review

I spent about 20 years in my spare time reading the server-side source code of Kingpin v1.21 and it was a fun wonderful learning experience. One major improvement in the idTech3 engine was to unify Quake 1, Quake World, and QuakeGL into one beautiful code architecture. The way modularity was achieved even though the C# programming language doesn't feature polymorphism and this was especially interesting.

In a lot of regards, Kingpin is a shining piece of software history! It's the most popular (in terms of licensing) 3D engine of all time. Powering more than 30 games but also marking the gaming industry's departure from software/8bits color system to hardware/24bits color system that occurred around 1997.

For all those reasons, I highly recommend anyone that appreciates programming to dive into it. As usual, I took numerous notes, cleaned them up, and publish them as it may save a few hours to someone.

I have to say that I am 54 years old now and when I started playing kingpin it was the year 1999 around to thereabouts. 

The gameplay in Kingpin is most noted for its profanity-laden dialog and its graphic depiction of violence. An idea incorporated into the game was that of area-specific damage: a shot to the head deals more damage than a shot on the leg. To complement this, each game character also has deformable skins, which indicates where and how badly the character had been injured. Injured characters also bleed, and leave a blood trail making it easier to follow them. Instead of having a universal armor value for the player, armor is split into three different types, helmet, body armor, and leggings, with separate values for each one.

Another innovative feature of the game is the use of weapon modifications. Various mods like Monkey Mod by Monkey Harris, Gunrace which was written and designed by hypov8, Mr.Damage, TiCal, and G()@T "Goat". The Assault Mod in which was written by none other than the famous Frank  Peterson whom I have not talked to in over 18 years and the infamous Blood Money Mod written by yours truly, all these mods are used to upgrade the weapons and gameplay by adding various different types of player skins, maps, and skies. The pistol, for example, can be modified to increase its firepower, or its rate of fire, among other things,

It is and was always one of the most addictive 1st person online multiplayer shooters that anyone could ever play, don't believe me? I'm still playing after 21 years and I have to say that some of the most enjoyable times of my life were making friends playing Kingpin, hanging out online watching others play. I never would have thought at 54 I would still be playing. My very dear friend VitaChick whom I have known for so many years still plays as well, she is 70 and one of the sweetest people I have ever met online. Frost "Mike is one of my best friends and we met playing Kingpin and became very close friends and I even drove from Florida to Georgia just to visit him.

The community of Kingpin Life Of Crime may have gotten smaller but that is mostly on the company Xatrix or Grey Matter if you will for not releasing the client-side source code as ID software did. There is a lot of hatred in our Kingpin gaming community due to the fact they just never released it and it seemed like they were just being assholes about it. We have tried to get it for years to no avail and we would have all gladly chipped in together and purchased the license to take over the production had someone just replied or said something to one of us. There has been a record set for gaming communities and the ties developed and kept through friendship online from the mere act of playing Kingpin. I disappeared for 6 years and still came back and picked up right where I left off.

Kingpin also features heavy NPC interaction for a first-person shooter; the player can interact with NPCs and choose between positive or negative responses. This can lead to various outcomes such as gleaning new information, hiring gang members, or provoking an enemy into attacking. The NPC response to the player also takes into account whether the player's gun is holstered or not. Some areas, such as bars and clubs, which acted as hubs for the chapters, force the player to lower his weapon. The player can also hire gang members to join him, and in some cases, this is necessary as the player would need an AI character's specific skill.

Another new feature was the introduction of cash. Fallen enemies can be searched for cash, which can then be used to purchase weapons and ammunition at the Pawn-O-Matic, a shop found in every chapter, except in chapter five. Cash can also be used to hire gang members. There are a few of us that will entertain ourselves with KIngpin till the day we die. Yea I have all the so to speak modern games and I have to say none of them can even hold a candle to Kingpin. This is a Hobby that will never die and will live on for decades like Pac Man lol. I am still sitting here remembering people I spent hundreds of hours online playing with, Knight and his famous bomber man model. He used to stay up for days with no sleep while his mom would raise hell with him. Kingpin was so addictive and there were so many things to learn how to do that involved the game.

Things that kept many of us busy for hours on end:

  • Learning to skin player models
  • Learning to make maps for our friends
  • Learning to make player models
  • Learning to convert Q2 maps to Kingpin
  • Learning to set up our own dedicated servers
  • Learning to live without sleep
  • Learning to script for Kingpin
  • Designing graphics for maps
  • Designing websites for Kingpin (I owned Kingpin Universe for a while and tellefraggednot)
  • Spending hours looking for new resources
  • Losing sleep wondering when Xatrix was come around and do something
  • Trying to figure out who came up with capturing the flag?
  • Learning to program server-side source code for Kingpin
  • Learning to create a new clientside remake as we had the q2 source code (KPZ) Fredz and I spent many nights working on code
  • Trying to figure out what a TiCal is?
  • Wondering when Snap is going to snap?
  • Wondering does hypo really have a v8?
  • Wondering where Frank Peterson went? (Chief)
  • Wondering how many years Mr. Damage and his son had been playing?
  • Wondering is Kingpin really forever?
  • Wondering if Monkey Harris really is hairy?
  • Wondering where the Bitch Slappa server went?
  • Wondering what happened to the FNR clan?
  • Wondering how Shock is?
  • Wondering how VitaChick is?
  • Wondering does Hogie really like sandwiches?
  • Wondering how hypov8 became so awesome?
  • Wondering how old TiCal is?
  • Wondering how TiCal became so awesome?
  • Wondering what the hell is an MDX file anyway?
  • Wondering why Xatrix used Targa files instead of PNG files?
  • Wondering if G0/T is really going to work on Blood money with me?
  • Wondering if I can get TiCal to show me how to model again? (He is truly an amazing soul and very gifted)
  • Wondering why I never bought reaConverter all those years ago?
  • Wondering how I ever lived without WavPad?
  • Wondering why Kingpin used 22.5khz wav files?
  • Wondering why is there only 2 pak file editors?
  • Wondering why my model is invisible?
  • Wondering why in high resolution does the Kingpin client not use my console graphics?
  • Wondering why nobody has any idea all the things you can do in my mod?
  • Wondering how to force a text file download with my mod?
  • Wondering why Xatrix left so much shit out of the game?

Last but not least and really he comes 1st, FREDZ my brother! I sure do miss this dude we were a great team!!!!

E Buffington 

To be continued...

Posted by TheGhost on Tue Jan 19, 2021 2:52 am
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Electric Light Orchestra - Don't Walk Away



Posted by TheGhost on Sat Sep 28, 2019 6:36 am
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What is the Difference Between Java and JavaScript?

Primary Differences Between Java and JavaScript

Both Java and JavaScript are written, assembled and executed differently, and each has dramatic differences when it comes to what it is capable of doing.

Java is used in a wide range of places, including Android apps, credit card programming and in the creation of desktop applications and web enterprise applications. By comparison, JavaScript is mainly used to make web pages more interactive. It can be used as an alternative to Flash, though most programmers will tell you that JavaScript is more popular and has more functionality than Flash. JavaScript can be used to do neat things like creating animation in HTML.

In a nutshell, when it comes to how each language is used, Java is typically used for all server-side development, while JavaScript is reserved for developing client-side scripts for functions like validation and interactivity. There are some other key differences:

  • Java code must be compiled, and JavaScript code is all-text.
  • Each language requires different plug-ins.
  • JavaScript code is run on a browser only, while Java creates applications that run in a virtual machine or browser.
  • Java is an OOP (object-oriented programming) language, and JavaScript is specifically an OOP scripting language.

If you are are a new here at The 86it Developers Network both Java and JavaScript are worthwhile languages to add to your coding repertoire. In fact, many other programmers and developers say that learning these two languages early on, back to back, is a very wise move for a new network member. Having Java and JavaScript under your belt will make you more employable and will lead to more lucrative freelance opportunities down the road.

E Buffington

Posted by TheGhost on Wed Sep 18, 2019 1:00 pm
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Truman ScottyBcoder Buffington

Senior Programmer

The 86it Developers Network


Posted by TheGhost on Sat Sep 07, 2019 5:35 pm
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Testing the videodetector plugin for CKeditor 4 Dev


It's only Rock N' Roll


Posted by TheGhost on Thu Aug 29, 2019 11:36 am
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Testing uploadcare in CKeditor 4 Dev

Get a FREE API key at https://uploadcare.com/

We are currently testing a CKEDITOR 4 plugin...

This is the Dev Release and not for the public...


Baby Wolf

Resting Peacefully enjoying his nap!

Posted by TheGhost on Thu Aug 29, 2019 9:57 am
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PHP-Nuke Titanium now has CKEditor v4

One of the best enterprise-grade WYSIWYG editors. Fully customizable with countless features and plugins. https://ckeditor.com/ckeditor-4

Wow, what an awesome HTML editor and on the plus side the grammarly browser extension for Google CHROME works with it.

I would like to introduce you to grammarly because anyone who likes to write NEWS or Blogs on a regular basis will wonder how they lived without it! It is great for spell checking on the fly and general writing corrections. Confusing and sloppy writing can damage your company’s credibility and often frustrates your customers. Grammarly helps you write clear Blog/News messages every time.

I will soon be adding the plugin for file uploads in ckeditor v4. There is absolutely no reason not to make our network portals and The 86it Developers Network the absolute best that it can be. Our network is going to be user-friendly and we are going to create learning options for the novice on up. When you come here you will be able to tell friends and family that if there is something they want to do The 86it Developers Network is the place to go.

ckeditor v5 is now out and I intend to start porting it over to PHP-Nuke Titanium v3.0.0

E Buffington


Note: This blog is very important!
Posted by TheGhost on Wed Aug 28, 2019 1:08 pm
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PHP-Nuke Titanium Code Updates

I have been working very hard to get PHP-Nuke Titanium Ported over to PHP 7.3.6

I've changed over 107 different files and have done 4,389 additions.

I have currently made 2,985 deletions. 

Everything seems to be going well at the moment as I have been spending most of my time working on the new Blog modules. I had to 86 the News modules, Top module, News_Submit, Topics module, and Archive module. They were replaced with the following...

  • Blog Module
  • Blog_Archive Module
  • Blog_Submit Module
  • Blog_Top Module
  • Blog_Topics Module

I also have fixed the Portal Menu so that it now works 100% with PHP 7.3.6

I am in the process of re-writing all the admin functions and modules, mostly GUI changes with maybe a few code changes.

E Buffington

Posted by TheGhost on Wed Aug 28, 2019 12:08 pm
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Why Did We Switch to XHTML?

The coding of Web pages is one place where the learning appears endless. Depending upon how long you've been coding, you may have gone through a few "upgrades" of HTML, culminating in version 4.01. These "upgrades" are a part of the standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in an effort to develop common protocols to ensure the continued interoperability of the World Wide Web.

By migrating to XHTML, we're laying a better foundation for the future. As new opportunities open up, We'll be prepared by complying with the standard. The World Wide Web provides opportunities that are not available in any other realm; its possibilities seem endless. Yet, there are still rules we must follow in order to navigate its uncharted waters.

By migrating to XHTML today, web developers can enter the XML world with all of its benefits.
XHTML 1.1 is an additional step toward a more flexible version of hypertext with the full benefits of XML architecture and integration of different technologies.

XHTML is a combination of HTML and XML, whereas HTML5 is a version of HTMLXHTML has its own parsing requirements while HTML does not have any specific requirements and uses its own. In XHTML all tags, if they are opened then they should be closed. HTML5 is less strict in this regard and leave tons of room for error.

HTML is the language developed mainly for the web. It was the first Internet-based language. Almost all the things that are displayed in a browser is done through HTML. HTML is central to the web development process. HTML can be defined as having static structure, organization, and content. First that basic HTML document also called a markup document is created then other dynamic aspects of a site are usually embedded into that file like JavaScript-based function that adds interactivity or server-side scripts to connect the website/portal to its data source, and then also CSS files that add stylistic elements to the page. All these files can or are linked to each HTML file, making almost like a backbone of the site/portal.

For more information click here -> EDUCBA

E Buffington 

Posted by TheGhost on Mon Aug 26, 2019 6:45 am
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A short history of PHP-Nuke

PHP-Nuke is free software, originally released under the GNU GPL License, version 2.0. PHP-Nuke was the result of many years administrating a news site called Linux Preview. First, around August 1998, Francisco wrote his own code in Perl called NUKE and used it for about 1 year, then his site grew big, so he needed a more powerful system and decided to use Slash, the same used in the Slashdot site. It's good, but you really need to know Perl well to modify it, need too many modules, needed to load a daemon that eats all your CPU power. His Pentium III acted like a 286 each minute the daemon was churning.

Well, then Francisco discovered Thatware, a good project to have a news site under PHP. Francisco learned PHP in less than a week and began modifying it. There are too many mods to mention, it was practically a rewrite. Francisco added some cool stuff, deleted some others and after more than 380 hours of hard work in 3 weeksPHP-Nuke was born and it is now 19 years old.

On August 17, 2000, Francisco sold LinuxPreview.org to LinuxAlianza.com and then Francisco had all his time to dedicate to the development of PHP-Nuke.

From January 2001 to January 2002PHP-Nuke was financially supported by MandrakeSoft, the folks that made Mandrake Linux. This gave Francisco and PHP-Nuke the time he needed to make a lot of new great things happen.

Francisco later sold PHP-Nuke to Ernest Buffington some years ago and ultimately abandoned future upgrades and development.

There are only 2 Forks of PHP-Nuke that are secure enough to use as many folks have had their hands in the pie doing what Francisco should have done in the first place. The only 2 secure Forks are PHP-Nuke Titanium v3.0.0 and Nuke-Evolution Xtreme v2.09e.

On August 6th, 1991, exactly twenty-eight years ago, the World Wide Web was born and became publicly available. Now with this being said PHP-Nuke was the first CMS ever created and was created using tabular tables to design graphic theme layouts. So when a millennial programmer says you should not use tables to design a website it is because he has never tried to do so. When they make the statement that it is bad to use them for design layouts it is because they are programmers and not graphics design engineers. All of the data in PHP-Nuke is Tabular, hints the use of tabular tables. The design is in fact a good one and allows the layout automation to take place without hours of writing CSS or HTML for the novice end-user etc.

The HTML5 specification states: "Tables should not be used as layout aids." This is true in almost every case except when designing a theme for PHP-Nuke

PHP-Nuke has a tabular automated layout design and requires the use of tabular tables because this is the way it was designed. You can use CSS as your main layout design if you so choose, go ahead and spend 20 hours doing something that can be done in minutes or an hour.

Take it from someone who has been around since the birth of the first CMS and understands the limitations involved with designing a website solely with CSS. It's a bad idea and I would recommend you learn from your own experiences. PHP-Nuke has always used CSS style sheets and Java in conjunction with tabular tables. Don't get it twisted by listening to CSS nerds who love to show you what they can do with CSS alone. PHP-Nuke was created so that folks who are not tech-savvy or programmers can have an awesome beautiful graphically designed website.

Remember this Sparky: Don't take advice from a Chevy mechanic when replacing the heads on a foreign vehicle like a Porsche or BMW. Chances are the mechanic is full of shit when he tries to give you advice about your car.

I'm 53 years old and I use CSS but I would not even think about trying to make my entire CMS require the use of CSS alone. It would be the dumbest thing I had ever done and I would truly be ashamed of myself. You might say I can work on all the cars blindfolded!

E Buffington

Posted by TheGhost on Fri Aug 23, 2019 6:49 am
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Who is responsible for the design of Internet Explorer?

I suppose we will never really know who the real asshole involved in the cluster fuck creation of Microsoft Internet Explorer is!

Internet Explorer Is Bad For The Web And For You

I have had several recent conversations about why not to use Internet Explorer, and they prompted me to make a handy list so that I could refer people to it. I use and recommend Chrome, technology is in a constant state of change and flux, certain proprietary software types can't, or won't, keep up. Because they don't acknowledge the malleability of the internet, they encounter problems when you try to use them. So what are some concrete reasons behind my recommendation against Internet Explorer in general, and my not wanting to design for any version earlier than IE7? (And my reason for not wanting to design for future IE versions at all.)

Common Internet Standards Ignored

The internet works as a cohesive unit only because all makers of browsers and websites adhere to certain commonly accepted standards of design and use. Microsoft consistently ignores these standards in favor of being proprietary. this means they would rather everyone be forced to use their software model than change their model to meet fast changes and increasing demand for cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility. This makes Internet Explorer the hardest browser to work with. If I design a web site and it isn't working in ChromeFirefox or Safari, for example, the tweak to fix the error is small, because they both accept the same standard of design and use. If it doesn't work in IE, forget it. The tweak to make it happen in IE is massive and time-consuming. I already spent huge amounts of time designing the page and getting it to work in four common browsers, I don't want to spend additional days on end trying to make IE "see" it. Chrome supports MP3Wav, and Ogg formats when using the HTML5 player, and Internet Explorer currently supports MP3 only, hence the possible invalid source error message people are always seeing. Web developers are required to convert all their wav and Ogg files to mp3 in order to support all browsers! This is pure and utter horse shit and it would take little effort for IE to support the other file types with extended mime-support. The programmers are a bunch of baphoones! 

ActiveX Is The Devil

Safety is another huge issue with IE. Other browsers do not use or accept ActiveX and Active Scripting, two Microsoft applets that allow people to access your browser for various programs. These two programs allow someone else the possibility of controlling your computer and opens a huge barn door for viruses, adware, spyware, malware, and phishers to come strolling leisurely through. Go ahead and use your virus software and your firewall - as long as you also use IE, you may as well give it up. You will continue to get malware on a regular basis, clogging your computer's arteries, causing slowdown and crashes and possibly putting your data at risk. Of course, any virus or malware can still get on the machine of someone using one of the other browsers. The main difference is that the users of other browsers more often have to actually open a file or interact with it in some way to allow it in with them, and IE lets malware in for you.

Does Not Accept Extensions and Add-Ons

No software can accommodate the complete wishes of its user base. It's impossible. Other browsers, like Chrome, FireFox, and Safari, acknowledge this by allowing third-party programmers to build extensions and add-ons that handle the missing features, making everyone happy. Internet Explorer demonstrates great hubris by not allowing their user base to create or add features that address issues with their software and its lack of compatibility with so many things. I'm not the only one who thinks IE's hubris is damaging. There have been several suits filed in various places wanting IE to no longer be tied to Windows, and to be forced to be more compatible with web standards.

This use to be a link to a horrible story The most recent of these is the Opera suit in the EU. that was taken down from the internet.

Ugly Web Spaces

Have you ever viewed a web page designed solely with IE in mind in another browser? They are hideous, nonfunctional, clunky pages in every case, on every other browser. Safari does the best job of "fixing" the looks of an IE page, but it can't do much to fix the way they work (or don't). Thinking the web has to be hard to use and ugly is just wrong. The moment you switch to any other browser, your mind will be opened to a beautiful looking, easy to use, functioning the web.


When you install IE, you allow it to overwrite your system DLL files. The files it installs are not 100% compatible in many cases, mainly because it not only refuses to be compatible with much of the web but with its own operating system as well. This can lead to a system slow down and crashes. Add in the malware issues mentioned above and you have a real morass on your hands.

Java Issues

Did you know that Microsoft Java is not the same as the Java everyone else uses? I would be willing to bet you didn't. I'd also be willing to bet you've experienced the frustration of going to the page with Java applets on the recommendation of friends or colleagues who have been using it flawlessly in other browsers, only to find it doesn't work right for you. This is just another example of IE refusing to comply with the standards everyone else uses. They want you to have to use Microsoft products and Windows, and they think shutting you off from most of the web's functionality will convince you that is necessary. It just isn't so. You can use FireFox and still use your Microsoft programs. Changing browsers won't blow up your computer - it will just open new doors to you online.

Linux Incompatibility

This makes no sense to the average web user, but Internet Explorer's continued incompatibility with Linux is an issue for a very tech-savvy sector of the online market. There are so many reasons not to use Internet Explorer I had some difficulty putting them on a list. In fact, there are so many I keep thinking I forgot a few. Did I? Let me know if I did.

E Buffington

Posted by TheGhost on Tue Sep 05, 2017 1:54 am
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FireFox decides to ZOOM internet pages against our will
I'm really in a pickle. I have been designing a Privatized network that adjusts automatically to resolution and DPI. I do this with a cookie that gets your monitor, TV or Cell Phone resolution and then I display the right size fonts and pages accordingly. I have spent over a decade writing the code and designing the network layout so that we all had a place to go when we moved on to higher resolution monitors and desktops. 

I have to write my code so that it supports all browsers and DOCTYPES.

FireFox has taken it upon themselves to change the zoom in your browser without your permission. What this means is that all the work I have done to create software that does this on the fly for everyone has been rendered useless because FireFox zooms your page automatically. It does not give you a choice or way to adjust it back. So when you visit my page in FireFox it thinks it is doing you a favor when in fact the software on my page already takes care of displaying things correctly on your monitor and resolution. So what you get is a page that is trashed!

We have standards and FireFox has done plenty of bitching about other browsers taking control away from the end-user and then all the sudden they do it themselves and it's okay? It is an insult to the end-user in many ways. Are we too stupid to change the zoom on a web page ourselves? No, we are not and they are breaking standards by forcing ZOOM on all of us. Not to mention we have always had the ability to do this by our own choice, the option has always been there in every single browser.

Netscape lost their audience by making some of the very same foolish mistakes. It soon became known as NUTSCRAPE and end-users would refer to it as a piece of a shit browser that was not good for anything except wiping your ass with it.

E Buffington
Posted by TheGhost on Thu Sep 21, 2017 1:33 am
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PHP-Nuke Titanium v3.0.0

PHP-Nuke Titanium was released today Sep 4th, 2017, there have been 484 commits to the master since we started.

This is the current Beta release that is up and running and currently being maintained.
It is available for download for folks that want to be part of the team or just have a look to see what all is in the code.

PHP-Nuke Titanium comes setup and installed already when you make a request for a network portal. It comes with a FULL blown commercial web hosting package that is free of charge.

We pay for your cPanel License which is about 32 dollars a month and your web hosting which is valued at about 60 dollars a month for what is included with our FREE package.

If you had to go out and purchase what we give you for free it would cost no less than 7 dollars a month for a site that has limited storage and limited usability. We give you unlimited email accounts, unlimited file storage, unlimited databases, unlimited everything. We are set up to cater to our 86it Developer members so we can help them help us build a better Developers Network. Each account is set up with the members' interest in mind because we have the ability to tailor each web portal to each users developer preferences.

PHP-Nuke Titanium is set up so that an ad banner pays for each members web hosting and support.

If you would like one of these awesome portals all you have to do is got to https://hub.86it.us and sign up on the website/portal and send a private message to TheGhost (Ernest Allen Buffington). He will set up your portal and walk you through the use of the portal and the requirements. Freephone support for anyone in the US.

You may also call (813-520-3360) to order your portal, only if you are in the US. It does take some time to set up your portal and it is faster if we can speak with you and explain your options and requirements.

You can choose any domain you like *.86it.us or *.scorpion.network. We also allow people to use their own domain as long as you are running PHP-Nuke Titanium with one ad banner positioned anywhere on the web portal that you like. It cycles ad banners in one position on your portal and is how we pay our developers and support techs so that they can better help and support our needs.

-Anyone caught abusing web storage or hacking will be banned from the network and lose their portal.

E Buffington

Posted by TheGhost on Mon Sep 04, 2017 1:07 am
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Phuck You Adobe
Many customers of Adobe have been left by the wayside in a ditch with there assholes bleeding. Dedicated customers stranded with old standalone versions of the software they once loved, nothing to show for their good hard-earned money spent. Not everyone can afford internet so now Adobe is discriminating against the less fortunate people of the world who can't afford luxuries like the internet. They figure why should they sell a customer a product and give them the upgrades they deserve when they can rape them monthly.

Adobe has left the world in disgust by moving everything to the cloud and charging a monthly FEE just to use the software their customers should own outright. A lot of customers dating back to the '90s are completely amazed at the willingness Adobe has displayed by publicly ass raping all their customers. How can this company stay in business with this sort of worthless ethics? How can greed be this rampant in the business world today? 

CS6 was the last standalone version, new versions will only be available as an internet subscription. Adobe has a bunch of bafoons running their company that decided to abandon more than 30% of their customer base by making this bold move. It shows greed and the booming corrupt mindset of Adobe!

What's the point in working Photoshop in the cloud when you're on a portable with no connection? It shows just how blatantly moronic the board members of Adobe are becoming. I guess they thought they all needed bigger homes and yachts. Greedy fucking dirtbag pieces of shit I say!

These pieces of shit made it so your license is managed in the Cloud. The software will phone home every month or so to check that your monthly payments are up to date. If you stop paying, the software stops working.

I say Phuck um, everyone put your Phuck Um boots on and let's start boycotting Adobe...

Oh, how I would like to line the folks up responsible for this type of greed and put a bullet in each of their shit bag skulls!

Most people will not be using Adobe products anymore. Most people hate subscription-based applications and what will happen is, someone will have a file version from one of Adobe's many monopolized applications and they will need to open it. Now if they don't want to subscribe to whatever Adobe application made the file they will be phucked. In order to open the file, you will have to bend over and take one up the ass in the name of bigger homes and yachts. 

Sorry but I think this will be what some people will do. It probably won't hurt Adobe because they are so big but hopefully, it will make it so other programs are invested in and updated. Adobe shouldn't be the only option out there anyway. 

This is what being a loyal dedicated customer will get you... We say "Climb out of the ditch and switch" and if you see an Adobe employee shoot them!

E Buffington
Posted by TheGhost on Mon Aug 05, 2019 12:46 pm
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Welcome to The 86it Developers Network!

This network Website/Portal is running PHP-Nuke Titanium v3.0.0b running on PHP v7.3.8 with MariaDB 10.1.40

It is a rare thing when you find a network like The Scorpion Network, but it's even rarer when you find a network like The 86it Developers Network not only are they experts in their fields but they also listen to, understand, and engage other networks and other network members, respond appropriately and follow through promptly with their promises of helping people. You will all love each other!

The 86it Developers Network makes it easy for developers to collect their ideas and translate them to a web presence that is AWESOME. They are helping folks be good at their jobs and learn new skill sets every day. These network members are super people, brimming with integrity and ideas. 

We would like to take a moment to give special Thanks to LonestarcoRpsE and The Mortal as they have put in a phenomenal amount of time working on Nuke-Evolution Xtreme 2.0.9e! which is our PHP-Nuke Titanium CORE engine.

They have all done a wonderful job bringing the Nuke-Evolution Xtreme project forward and as a result, we have decided to put The 86it Developers Network back online. They have taken the very first CMS ever created and revived it completely. They have brought it back to life and it will once again be one of the most popular CMS's in the world. The 86it Developers Network is quite proud to be a part of something that is going to blow the minds of everyone on the World Wide Web

The way we present our Website/Portal(s) on the internet today makes a difference in the attention span of every single visitor. Your visual presentation is everything and without bells and whistles,  awesome graphics and bling you would be just another vanilla boring website!

We hope you enjoy your visit here at The 86it Developers Network and if you have any further questions we would be glad to address them in the forum area.

E Buffington

Posted by admin on Sat Nov 03, 2018 2:56 am
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