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How We Help: Keep This In Mind When Looking For IT Services In Brandon Florida

There’s no denying it – technology drives business innovation and growth. Professionals in all industries need hardware and software to help them best serve their customers and optimize their daily operations.

That’s why we provide a comprehensive list of IT Services that organizations in and around Buffalo can rely on to succeed through technology.

Managed IT Services In Florida

Our clients say that they have experienced immediate, positive results after they signed up for our Managed Services. They had fewer IT failures, increased productivity, and improved security. Plus they’re saving money on maintenance and support. For an affordable fixed payment each month you can:

Keep your technology and business functioning with our 24/7 Remote Monitoring& Maintenance. Ensure your wired and wireless networks are protected from security threats. Lower your overall technology expenses. Benefit from an Individualized TechnologyPlan customized to meet your needs, and much more.

VCIO Services (Strategic IT Consulting) For Business Professionals In Brandon, Florida

Many businesses need a Chief Information Officer to guide them, but they can’t afford to hire one. That’s why we offer affordable

Virtual CIO Services. Our VCIO will:

A) Align cloud computing with your overall business strategy.

B) Utilize best practices, tools, and roadmaps to provide a detailed plan for migration to the Cloud.

C) Provide regular quantitative assessments to ensure you derive the return on investment you expect.

Microsoft Office 365 Migrations, Support, and Consulting

Many businesses in Florida are switching to Office 365. Why? – Because it’s an affordable, subscription-based service, and the most complete cloud solution to date.

It’s easy to sign up for a Microsoft Office 356, but migrating your data can be complicated and fraught with pitfalls. There are many things to consider. Our team will ensure the process is efficient, seamless, and transparent by:

Overseeing every aspect of your Office 365 migration. Training your staff to use it Providing day-to-day support and advice.

Backups & Business Continuity – Protecting Businesses In Brandon, Florida From Data & Productivity Losses

Business leaders in Florida recognize the importance of having proper safeguards in place to protect their vital data and to keep their companies running. You should too. This is why you need a proper Business Continuity Plan. Our team provides:

Regular onsite backups for all your servers and critical business systems. Continual remote offsite backups to a secure cloud facility. Cloud virtualization services allow for quick recovery when a serious failure or outage occurs.

Your business can stay up and running even when you and your employees can’t make it into the office. They can work from home or anywhere they have an internet connection. And they can access files, remain productive, and stay connected to their clients, vendors, and each other.


IT Project Management For Companies In Brandon, Florida

IT projects fail without proper planning. Technology can either limit or further your growth strategies. Without expert IT Project Management, most people tend to purchase the least-expensive equipment, and in a piece-meal fashion. This often results in IT downtime and underperforming systems.

Many businesses in Florida use multiple IT systems. For example Enterprise Resource Planning, Accounting, Customer Relationship Management, etc. Our IT Project Management coordinates all of your systems to ensure they work in sync. And it also ensures that you only use the solutions that promote efficiency, productivity, security, and accessibility.

Learn how Brandon Maintenance Management helps IT Project Managers, all over Florida.

IT Security Services – Protecting Businesses Across Florida From Cyber Threats

Any organization that does business online is a potential target. And unfortunately, criminals see small to mid-size companies as an easy mark. We don’t want you to fall prey to hackers and criminal syndicates that make millions each year stealing people’s money and reselling their confidential information. Protect your IT with our Security Services for small and mid-sized companies.

Brandon Maintenance Management Cyber Security Experts are here to help protect your Florida company.


Winston Terrance Wolf 

Brandon Maintenance Management

1071 Emerald Drive

Brandon, Florida 33511



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