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Life Of Crime

Kingpin v1.21 Review

I spent about 20 years in my spare time reading the server-side source code of Kingpin v1.21 and it was a fun wonderful learning experience. One major improvement in the idTech3 engine was to unify Quake 1, Quake World, and QuakeGL into one beautiful code architecture. The way modularity was achieved even though the C# programming language doesn't feature polymorphism and this was especially interesting.

In a lot of regards, Kingpin is a shining piece of software history! It's the most popular (in terms of licensing) 3D engine of all time. Powering more than 30 games but also marking the gaming industry's departure from software/8bits color system to hardware/24bits color system that occurred around 1997.

For all those reasons, I highly recommend anyone that appreciates programming to dive into it. As usual, I took numerous notes, cleaned them up, and publish them as it may save a few hours to someone.

I have to say that I am 54 years old now and when I started playing kingpin it was the year 1999 around to thereabouts. 

The gameplay in Kingpin is most noted for its profanity-laden dialog and its graphic depiction of violence. An idea incorporated into the game was that of area-specific damage: a shot to the head deals more damage than a shot on the leg. To complement this, each game character also has deformable skins, which indicates where and how badly the character had been injured. Injured characters also bleed, and leave a blood trail making it easier to follow them. Instead of having a universal armor value for the player, armor is split into three different types, helmet, body armor, and leggings, with separate values for each one.

Another innovative feature of the game is the use of weapon modifications. Various mods like Monkey Mod by Monkey Harris, Gunrace which was written and designed by hypov8, Mr.Damage, TiCal, and G()@T "Goat". The Assault Mod in which was written by none other than the famous Frank  Peterson whom I have not talked to in over 18 years and the infamous Blood Money Mod written by yours truly, all these mods are used to upgrade the weapons and gameplay by adding various different types of player skins, maps, and skies. The pistol, for example, can be modified to increase its firepower, or its rate of fire, among other things,

It is and was always one of the most addictive 1st person online multiplayer shooters that anyone could ever play, don't believe me? I'm still playing after 21 years and I have to say that some of the most enjoyable times of my life were making friends playing Kingpin, hanging out online watching others play. I never would have thought at 54 I would still be playing. My very dear friend VitaChick whom I have known for so many years still plays as well, she is 70 and one of the sweetest people I have ever met online. Frost "Mike is one of my best friends and we met playing Kingpin and became very close friends and I even drove from Florida to Georgia just to visit him.

The community of Kingpin Life Of Crime may have gotten smaller but that is mostly on the company Xatrix or Grey Matter if you will for not releasing the client-side source code as ID software did. There is a lot of hatred in our Kingpin gaming community due to the fact they just never released it and it seemed like they were just being assholes about it. We have tried to get it for years to no avail and we would have all gladly chipped in together and purchased the license to take over the production had someone just replied or said something to one of us. There has been a record set for gaming communities and the ties developed and kept through friendship online from the mere act of playing Kingpin. I disappeared for 6 years and still came back and picked up right where I left off.

Kingpin also features heavy NPC interaction for a first-person shooter; the player can interact with NPCs and choose between positive or negative responses. This can lead to various outcomes such as gleaning new information, hiring gang members, or provoking an enemy into attacking. The NPC response to the player also takes into account whether the player's gun is holstered or not. Some areas, such as bars and clubs, which acted as hubs for the chapters, force the player to lower his weapon. The player can also hire gang members to join him, and in some cases, this is necessary as the player would need an AI character's specific skill.

Another new feature was the introduction of cash. Fallen enemies can be searched for cash, which can then be used to purchase weapons and ammunition at the Pawn-O-Matic, a shop found in every chapter, except in chapter five. Cash can also be used to hire gang members. There are a few of us that will entertain ourselves with KIngpin till the day we die. Yea I have all the so to speak modern games and I have to say none of them can even hold a candle to Kingpin. This is a Hobby that will never die and will live on for decades like Pac Man lol. I am still sitting here remembering people I spent hundreds of hours online playing with, Knight and his famous bomber man model. He used to stay up for days with no sleep while his mom would raise hell with him. Kingpin was so addictive and there were so many things to learn how to do that involved the game.

Things that kept many of us busy for hours on end:

  • Learning to skin player models
  • Learning to make maps for our friends
  • Learning to make player models
  • Learning to convert Q2 maps to Kingpin
  • Learning to set up our own dedicated servers
  • Learning to live without sleep
  • Learning to script for Kingpin
  • Designing graphics for maps
  • Designing websites for Kingpin (I owned Kingpin Universe for a while and tellefraggednot)
  • Spending hours looking for new resources
  • Losing sleep wondering when Xatrix was come around and do something
  • Trying to figure out who came up with capturing the flag?
  • Learning to program server-side source code for Kingpin
  • Learning to create a new clientside remake as we had the q2 source code (KPZ) Fredz and I spent many nights working on code
  • Trying to figure out what a TiCal is?
  • Wondering when Snap is going to snap?
  • Wondering does hypo really have a v8?
  • Wondering where Frank Peterson went? (Chief)
  • Wondering how many years Mr. Damage and his son had been playing?
  • Wondering is Kingpin really forever?
  • Wondering if Monkey Harris really is hairy?
  • Wondering where the Bitch Slappa server went?
  • Wondering what happened to the FNR clan?
  • Wondering how Shock is?
  • Wondering how VitaChick is?
  • Wondering does Hogie really like sandwiches?
  • Wondering how hypov8 became so awesome?
  • Wondering how old TiCal is?
  • Wondering how TiCal became so awesome?
  • Wondering what the hell is an MDX file anyway?
  • Wondering why Xatrix used Targa files instead of PNG files?
  • Wondering if G0/T is really going to work on Blood money with me?
  • Wondering if I can get TiCal to show me how to model again? (He is truly an amazing soul and very gifted)
  • Wondering why I never bought reaConverter all those years ago?
  • Wondering how I ever lived without WavPad?
  • Wondering why Kingpin used 22.5khz wav files?
  • Wondering why is there only 2 pak file editors?
  • Wondering why my model is invisible?
  • Wondering why in high resolution does the Kingpin client not use my console graphics?
  • Wondering why nobody has any idea all the things you can do in my mod?
  • Wondering how to force a text file download with my mod?
  • Wondering why Xatrix left so much shit out of the game?

Last but not least and really he comes 1st, FREDZ my brother! I sure do miss this dude we were a great team!!!!

E Buffington 

To be continued...

Posted by TheGhost on Tue Jan 19, 2021 2:52 am
( comments? Kingpin v1.21 | Kingpin | Score: 5 ) ( Reads: 55 )
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